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Estimated Monthly Solar Production (kWh)

  • Solar Production (kWh) 20 Panel System
  • Solar Production (kWh) 10 Panel System

Annual Electricity Consumption

Utility power vs Solar power useage

Solar Power
Utility Power

 Annual Electricity Consumption: 10000kWh
Alberta Utility Rate Average: 0.11 $/kWh
Number of Solar Panels: 20

Before Solar Costs: $1100
After Solar Costs: $514

Savings: $586 /year

Solar Energy Overview for Alberta

Solar Value Index: $615
Solar Energy Produced: 5324 kWh/year
Average Annual Household Consumption (2014 Data): 8676 kWh

Fun Facts: 

  • 25.5 % is used in the kitchen
  • 27.8 % for cleaning and maintaining the home
  • 28.9 % for leisure activities
  • 17.8 % for lighting and other appliances not included in the above categories.
The estimates we provide above, are for an average-sized (5 kW) residential solar power system (20 Panels). We further assume that there is no shading around the panels and that the panels are oriented towards the equator. The estimates are based on the average utility rate in Alberta for 2014.
  • Power your Fridge for 9 Months
  • Run your Diswasher for 4 Months
  • Power your A/C for 4 Months

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