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Why make the change?

One would not have even thought of any alternatives for their sources of energy. As technology is advancing and the world’s carbon foot print is becoming more concerning; it is in society’s best interest to implement changes to slow down emissions and pollution. Solar energy has been a solution for renewable energy for many years now; however, it our technology has not been advanced enough, in the past, to foster the energy and make it 100% useful independently. Until now. Solarwise is ready to be installed in your homes and businesses to ensure that the energy produced is clean, efficient, and can save you money. The fixed asset guarantees a return on investment well before the asset is retired.

Here is how we help!

We are here to make the transition from your current source of power to a new and clean source of power. Our intentions are to ensure that this transition is easy and simple for you. We understand that it is not everyday that you are changing your power source. Don’t worry there, weย will be there every step of the way to assist and guide you through the process and make it feel like a breeze.


We have 5 steps to our transitioning process at Energywise:

button11. Call for Free estimate

button22. Install a 2-way power meter

button33. Crew Arrives for Installation

button44. Final Inspection

button55. Enjoy the savings!

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